Field Trials
The field trials take place in Boskoop on the Harry van de Laar Show Garden and in Zundert at Boomkwekerij Bömer. After application, the plants are planted and they are judged several times on ornamental and utility value. The variety concerned is trialled by the trials committee and can be awarded with a KVBC-Award. The applicant receives a report of the jury’s findings.

For members, the cost of a trial is € 325,- per cultivar. If an applicant hires space in the Harry van de Laar Show Garden, the cost will be € 195,-. For non-members, the cost is € 325,-; this includes membership of the KVBC. The cost for a trial in Zundert is always € 325,-. The conditions are that the plant is new and is signed up by (or on behalf of) the breeder.

If your plant is awarded, you will receive the following “package”:

  • Press release (with photo) in trade magazines (in the Netherlands).
  • The award will be mentioned on the website of the KVBC.
  • Plant description incl. photo in Dendroflora.
  • Text jury report to be used for example on your website.
  • Use of the stylized image of the KVBC-Award that is awarded to your variety for use on labels, in catalogues, on website, etc.