Arbor Vitae appears four times a year and is a joint publication of the KVBC and NDV. The magazine informs members on the activities of both societies. It contains background articles by and about dendrologists, interviews, short news items and book reviews. Arbor Vitae is sent free to members of the KVBC.


No. 1 – February 2019

On the cover of the first issue of 2019 Ligustrum lucidum with fruits. Originally the Chinese privet comes from … China. But it’s also indigenous in Japan and Korea. Particularly in warm and subtropical areas, this privet is doing very well. In several countries it’s known as invasive. The evergreen tree or shrub can grow up to 25 meters high, the flowering time is in August-September.

Another tree that can perform really well is Pterocarya fraxinifolia, the Caucasian wingnut. Paul Notten planted one in a tree garden. Within a few years, the trunk was surrounded by numerous root shoots, which quickly expanded further. The tree turned out to have tremendous growth power. Grubbing was ultimately the only solution.

In the section ‘Dendrologists speaking’ Tonny van der Plank is being interviewed.

In addition, the regular sections, news from the NDV and KVBC, the agendas, and books.