KVBC awards Ligustrum ovalifolium ‘Josalig 1’ (GREEN DIAMOND)

During a field inspection on 27 October, Ligustrum ovalifolium ‘Josalig 1’ (GREEN DIAMOND) was awarded a KVBC Award Bronze by the KVBC inspection committee. This Dutch cultivar was developed by HECO Stekcultures and presented for inspection and introduced by Breederplants (Gouda).

‘Josalig 1’ was selected as a seedling of L. ovalifolium. The plant stood out because of the dense branching and thus clearly more compacted habitus than L. ovalifolium. This keeps ‘Josalig 1’ always bushy and closed, a unique habit within Ligustrum ovalifolium (and L. vulgare). The foliage is firm and the leaves feel “thick”. The deep green color of the foliage gives the plant a healthy appearance. The plant flowers white, in terminal tufts. But the flowering is not very rich and as a plant ‘Josalig 1’ is therefore purely functional.
Particularly suitable for use in low, wider (er) hedges, block hedges or in small groups.

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