Peet Hiddink, photographer and art historian, exhibits a series of nature photos from 13 March to 26 April 2018 in the Tree Nursery Museum in Boskoop, with special attention to the ‘artistic’ phenomena that we can encounter in nature.

Sometimes it seems that nature shows us a colorful ‘painting’, then a beautiful lines, for example on a rock, where we can think of ‘graph’. Then we are face to face with a ‘sculpture’ in the form of a ‘flexible’, backward curved tree trunk. Then again we can marvel at a beautiful ‘structure’ of ice that suddenly appears to us in a place in the middle of the sea, just where we would never expect it. A piece of ‘architecture’ that makes us amazed! This series of photographs of ice, snow, rocks, sand, moss and volcanoes, among other things, give us a different, more surprising picture of nature than we normally expect to experience. These separate images want to underline the beauty of the earth once again and stimulate us to look at nature with ‘other eyes’.

Peet Hiddink will be present on 27 March and on 18 April from 13.30 to 16.00.

(photo (detail), Peet Hiddink)