Suppose you find a new plant and you want to bring it to the market. Despite the current trend to protect new plant breeders’ rights, you decide not to do so for whatever reason. But of course you want the plant to be recorded as your find and of course you also want the plant to be included in the Name list of Woody Pants/ List of Perennials.

The KVBC offers a registration of these plants exclusively to its members. They pay € 250.00 per cultivar.

For this you will receive:    

  • A review of the name   
  • Publication in the next  Name List of Woody Pants/ Name List of Perennials   
  • Publication on the website “International Plantnames”, the digital version of the name lists   
  • Brief description of the plant with publication in Dendroflora, including photo
  • Mention on the website of the KVBC

Are you interested in this service? Send a message to: or fill in the contact form. We will contact you to go through the registration.