No fewer than 11 new roses have earned the Excellence Roses certificate in the Dutch-Belgian judging this year. They come from seven different breeders from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. In total, 25 rose varieties were judged.

The roses that received the certificate this year were planted at four rosaries in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2018: Boskoop, Lottum (Rozenhof), Winschoten and Destelbergen (Proefcentrum voor Sierteelt). During three seasons, judges trialled the roses at four moments of the year. Of the 25 entries, 11 earned the Excellence Roses certificate: three tea hybrids, three shrub roses, three floribunda roses, one climbing rose and one groundcover rose.

Excellence Roses are strong, healthy, richly and continually flowering roses that give good results to end users without the use of plant protection products.

Last year, the roses with the Excellence Roses certificate underwent a re-evaluation. Five certificates were dropped: climbing rose ‘Chewcorpink’ (Alfresco), tea hybrid ‘Koraburg’ (Eliza), tea hybrid ‘Taneiglat’ (Nostalgie), floribunda rose ‘Peadelight’ (Pink Champagne) and climbing rose ‘Pink Cloud’. The 11 new Excellence Roses bring the total number of roses with the certificate to 55.

View all Excellence Roses, including the 11 new ones, here.

20 new entries
For this planting year 20 new roses have been entered for the inspections. They come from 7 breeders from the Netherlands and abroad and are currently planted at the following 5 locations:

  • rosarium in Boskoop (NL);
  • De Rozenhof in Lottum (NL);
  • rosarium in Winschoten (NL);
  • Vrijbroekpark in Mechelen (B);
  • De Kleine Boerderij in Merksplas (B).

In the coming period, we will examine whether the judging system can be organised differently, so that the inspectors can judge more efficiently.

The Cultuurgroep voor Rozen en Rozenonderstammen under Anthos secretarial staff is responsible for the inspections of Excellence Roses. The KVBC coordinates the inspections and processes the results.

(Source: Cultuurgroep voor Rozen en Rozenonderstammen )