12 June 2023 – Today, during GROEN-Direkt’s Summer Days, Agapanthus praecox ‘HPP4087’ (AMOURETTE SUPERB WHITE) was awarded Best Novelty PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt. The award was presented by Helma van der Louw, president of the KVBC. The plant was submitted by Highland Potplants, from ‘s-Gravenzande.

‘Agapanthus praecox ‘HPP4087’ (AMOURETTE SUPERB WHITE) has a fresh white colour and is particularly richly flowering with many flower stems and many flowers per inflorescence. ‘The plant is continuous-flowering; new stems are constantly being formed,’ said the KVBC jury report. The judges were delighted with the good presentation showing ‘small but very richly flowering plants in garden centre quality’.

Twelve plants judged
Fifteen plants were entered for this first summer edition of PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt’s Best Novelty judging. In the end, 12 plants were judged. Besides the gold medal, also Best Novelty, for Agapanthus praecox ‘HPP4087’ (AMOURETTE SUPERB WHITE), the jury awarded three plants with a silver and three plants with a bronze medal. Judging of novelties in the Best Novelty category is done by expert judging committees of the KVBC.

Green Retail Awards
From now on, the award for the KVBC Best Novelty during PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt will be called in full the ‘Green Retail Award for Best Novelty PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt’. This award is part of a new name of the awards: Green Retail Awards. With the Green Retail Awards, PLANTARIUM|GROEN-Direkt offers entrepreneurs a podium to showcase innovations. There are three categories for which the Green Retail Award is presented: the Best Novelty (provided by the KVBC), the Best Market Innovation and the Visitors’ Favourite.