The new Dendroflora has recently been released, published by the KVBC and NDV. It is a yearbook with a lot of information for all green professionals and enthusiasts. It contains descriptions of recently KVBC inspected and award-winning cultivars of various plant species in extensive inspection reports. But also articles about plants, their backgrounds and ornamental and utility value. For example, the latest issue contains articles about Fothergilla, Hibiscus syriacus, Physocarpus and Ulmus.

Sharing green knowledge
The KVBC has the slogan “Sharing green knowledge”. Dendroflora is published as a book and is sent to members of the KVBC free of charge. In addition, articles from previous years are also available online and can be read by everyone through the library of Wageningen University & Research (WUR).

Good use appears to be made of this. Some figures: articles from previous Dendroflora ‘s were viewed no less than 50,000 times in 2020. And there is more. In January of this year, two articles were in the top 5 of most downloaded articles on the Groen Kennisnet site. That is not wrong, because in that month a total of more than 233,000 articles were downloaded.

It just shows that the interest in Dendroflora articles is great and we are proud of that!

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