The Covid-19 pandemic causes uncertainty about the international trade fair Plantarium 2021 in September. For that reason, the Plantarium board and the executive producer Beewan have decided to suspend preparations.
It had already been decided to reduce the usual preparation time from one year to 6 months. This makes it possible to decide about the feasibility up to the last minute. In the coming period, both parties will therefore keep a close eye on the developments surrounding the pandemic and the market.

There will not be a digital trade show like in 2020. There is a great need from the market for personal contact, which has made the importance of a physical meeting even greater. That is why personal contact and being able to touch products is a prerequisite for the next edition of Plantarium. (source:

What does this mean for the novelty inspection by the KVBC?
For the time being the suspension of the preparations for Plantarium 2021 has no consequences for the KVBC Summer Challenge. Novelties can be registered up to a month in advance via the KVBC site. In this case, this means no later than 1 August.

However, it is desirable for all parties involved that a final decision is taken well before this date.