On January 18, Helma van der Louw, chairman of the KVBC, presented the certificates of Excellence Roses under the watchful eye of 35 attendees. This happened at Kordes Roses in De Kwakel during the annual meeting of the Cultuurgroep voor Rozen en Rozenonderstammen, under Anthos secretariat.

De Cultuurgroep voor Rozen en Rozenonderstammen has taken the trail of Excellence Roses early last year under its wing. Helma van der Louw stated that the KVBC has taken the coordination of the inspections with great pleasure. Eight roses deserve the predicate Excellence Roses. The roses passed a triennial inspection on five rosaries in the Netherlands and Belgium: Boskoop, Antwerp (Rivierenhof), Destelbergen (Test Center for Horticulture), Lottum (Rozenhof) and Winschoten. Trial committees of the rosaries inspect the roses at four fixed times in the year and apply fixed criteria in areas such as vigor, health, bloom and smell.

New Excellence Roses
Four of the five breeders, or their representatives, were present to receive the certificates. The new Excellence Roses are the Tea hybrids Cherry Lady (Kordes), Elaine Page (Poulsen) and Gräfin Diana (Kordes), Floribunda’s Jugendliebe (Kordes), Lampion (Tantau) and Rosenfaszination (Kordes) and shrubroses ‘Myka’ (Braun) and Dinky (Lens). Helma van der Louw further reported that a renovation will take place at Rivierenhof in the coming years, so that in 2019 the inspections will be continued in four rosaries in the Netherlands and Belgium.

New registrations
Prior to the presentation, breeder Thomas Proll, who had come over from Germany, gave a comprehensive insight into the breeding program of Kordes Roses and the procedure for the ADR trials (Allgemeine Deutsche Rosenneuheiten-Prüfung). He concluded his presentation with a comparison of the four new Excellence Roses from Kordes with the results of the ADR trials.The results were very close, for the breeder a confirmation that Excellence Roses uses the right criteria. For this plant year Kordes will also have new roses that will be submitted for trials for Excellence Roses. Registration is possible until March 1st at the KVBC.

(source: press release Cultuurgroep Rozen en Rozen onderstammen)

From left to right: Helma van der Louw (KVBC), Thomas Proll (Kordes), Aart Westdijk (representative Tantau), Marco Braun, Rudy Velle (Lens) and Hetty Crooijmans (Culture group Roses), absent: Poulsen