Dendroflora no. 58, the joint annual publication of the KVBC and NDV, again has interesting articles, assortment overviews and results of trials in 2022.

Some of the contents include:

Sortiment possibilities for green forms, by P. Goossens, BSc
In recent years, the Proefcentrum voor Sierteelt (PCS) in Destelbergen, Belgium, regularly received questions about the application of evergreen topiary shrubs (hedges, columns, clouds and spherical forms), both from the production sector and the green space industry. Themes that mainly came up were control of problematic diseases and pests and species selection according to site conditions. This article looks at the choice of species and discusses the insights gained by the PCS after research.

Helwingia – Sortiment overview, by ir. J.J.C. Janssen
The genus Helwingia is named after the German preacher and botanist Georg Andreas Helwing (1666-1748). Von Siebold introduced Helwingia japonica to the Netherlands in 1830. For a long time, this was the only known species. The shrub is notable for the anomalous arrangement of its flowers, also called bloom-on-leaf. This article gives an overview of the assortment.

Laurus – assortment overview, G. Devriese
The plants in the laurel collection of Devriese-Luyssen Ornamental Plant Nursery in Wingene, Belgium, come from nurseries and gardens around the world and were selected from their own seedlings or acquired from colleagues and arboreta. The existing collection has more than 40 cultivars. This article gives an overview of the species and cultivars in the genus Laurus.

And further
Also in this issue the plant descriptions of the plants awarded at star-, field- and fair trials and an overview of new Excellence Roses.

Dendroflora no. 58 is again jam-packed with practical information for growers, gardeners, landscapers, garden architects, landscapers and, of course, enthusiasts!

Dendroflora no. 58 (2022) is richly illustrated and has 148 pages. Members of the KVBC and NDV receive Dendroflora as part of their membership.

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