The Boskoop Historical Society organizes the exhibition ‘From Oriental treasures to Gouda Plateel?’ in the Boskoop Boomkwekerij Museum from 18 January 18th to April 27th.

Catalogs and prints show how professional merchants in Boskoop worked in the early 20th century.

The ties with the Far East and the search for new crops and markets in the early 20th century. The exhibition evolves around catalogs and prints left by the company A. Koloos & Co, part of which is owned by the Boomkwekerij Museum and a part was made available by Nicole van der Steenhoven, a descendant of the fam. Koloos. These are truly beautiful prints that show how professionally the Boskoop traders worked.

According to tradition, these prints were also used as an example for images on Gouds Plateel. Unfortunately there is no evidence of this, although there is a series in a folder with the stamp of ‘Regina Kunstaardewerk Gouda’ On the basis of a travel report of another Boskoop trader / grower WF Koppeschaar from this same time we take the visitor by train through Russia via Vladivostok to Japan.