Nieuw: podcasts met auteurs uit Dendroflora – afl. 1

Eerste van drie podcasts, waarin auteurs worden geïnterviewd over hun artikel in Dendroflora.

New Euro-trial Hydrangea paniculata

Start of preparations Euro-trial Hydrangea paniculata

Five medals for novelties during GrootGroenPlus 2020

One Silver and four Bronze medals during GrootGroenPlus 2020

Golden KVBC Award for Cortaderia

The KVBC awards Cortaderia selloana ‘Day1’ (Tiny Pampa) with a golden KVBC Award

Four plants receive KVBC-Award

During a field inspection on August 4, four plants were awarded a KVBC Award by the trial  committee of the KVBC.

After KVBC Spring Challenge we introduce the Summer Challenge!

On September 1, prior to Plantarium Digital Expo 2020, the KVBC Summer Challenge will take place.

Silver and Bronze medals at first KVBC Spring Challenge

Silver and Bronze at first KVBC Spring Challenge