Best Novelty Plantarium 2019: Clematis ‘Zo14100’ (LITTLE LEMONS)

Clematis 'Zo14100' (LITTLE LEMONS) has been awarded Best in Show at Plantarium 2019

KVBC awards 3 plants with KVBC-Award

During two field trials on May 27th and July 5th 3 plants have been awarded with a KVBC-Award.

Clematis ‘ST17333’ (Multi Pink) Best Novelty Garden Trials and Trade 2019

Clematis 'ST17333’ (Multi Pink) Best Novelty Garden Trials and Trade 2019.

Excellence Roses on website KVBC

All roses with the Excellence Rose certificate are now posted on the KVBC website.

New chairman trial committee KVBC

Lendert de Vos is the new chairman of the trial committee of the KVBC.

Certificates for Excellence Roses

On Friday, January 18, Helma van der Louw, chairman of the KVBC, presented the certificates of Excellence Roses under the watchful eye of 35 attendees.

Arbor Vitae no. 1 2019

The first issue of Arbor Vitae in 2019 is published.

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Breg 14’ Best Novelty 2018

At the general meeting of the KVBC on February 4, the election of Best Novelty 2018 was held.

Dendroflora no. 54 is out!

Dendroflora no. 54 is out. This edition contains articles about Abelia, Pennisetum, Persicaria and Pterostyrax.