New: the KVBC Spring Challenge!

The KVBC Spring Challenge will take place on June 15 2020

Award ceremony Excellence Roses

KVBC issues 4 certificates from Excellence Roses.

Clematis ‘Zo14100’ (LITTLE LEMONS) Best Novelty 2019!

Clematis 'Zo14100' (LITTLE LEMONS) Best Novelty 2019

General meeting KVBC

On February 3 2020 the 158th general meeting of the KVBC will take place.

Four roses receive the certificate Excellence Roses

4 roses have received the certificate Excellence Roses.

Sortiment Day 2020

The first meeting in the new year is traditionally the Sortiment Day, a joint activity of NDV and KVBC.

Obituaries for Arjan Laros and Ben van Elk

In de past weeks two committed members of the KVBC have passed away.

Lagerstroemia EVELINE awarded with KVBC-Award

Lagerstroemia EVELINE ('Lage001') has been awarded with a KVBC-Award Zilver.

3 golden medals at GrootGroenPlus 2019

Novelty trial KVBC at GrootGroenPlus 2019.