The spring trial of novelties is just around the corner. On Friday June 18 the KVBC Spring Challenge will take place. This edition is organized entirely by the KVBC. Due to the corona measures, this novelty trial is partly online.

Eleven new plants have been registered for trial via the KVBC site. In the morning these are inspected by the KVBC trial committee in Plantariumgebouw at the ITC, Hazerswoude-Dorp. The online award ceremony is that same afternoon at 12.15 hrs and will be presented by the chair of the KVBC, Helma van der Louw.

The award ceremony can be followed via a live stream on the Facebook page and website of the KVBC and on the Facebook page and Youtube channel of the magazine De Boomkwekerij. The link to the livestream will be announced soon. Afterwards, a video with the trialed plants and the award ceremony will be broadcasted on the various channels of the KVBC.
The livestream and the video are made in collaboration with Hortipoint media, publisher of, among others, the magazine De Boomkwekerij.